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Fire! Fire! Fires?!

So as you know by now, I live in North San Diego County. And if you haven’t heard it on the news, there are 7 fires by my house.

All Fires Near Me
All Fires Near Me Photo Creds: Tenley

Here’s my fire story.

I came home during lunch yesterday because I saw smoke and my mother was worried.
There are 12 people and 1 dog staying in my house.
They include my family and the family of my mom’s friend who were evacuated from their house.
A couple don’t speak English, so here is where my Spanish skills come in to play.
I have asthma so the smoke that comes into my house is kind of choking me.
By the front door is my bug out bag.
I cant do any homework because I’m stressed and there are loud, frantic Spanish people running a muck in my house.
There is a 10yr old girl and today is her birthday and she’s worried about her house being burned to ashes.
The view outside isn’t a pretty one.

Fire View from My House
Fire View from My House


But in the throws of all this mess we are like a big family, making jokes, listening to the news, playing music, and praying for the best.

I hope everyone can stay safe and find their houses intact when they return.



Me: Guess what.

Nik (my friend): What?

Me: Guess what.

Nik: WHAT?

Me: Be Adventurous.

Nik: *facepalm* *sigh*

Hey, I’m Sabrina. I have a friend named Nik. We’re partners in adventuring and like to explore our neighborhood and world. That’s why this blog is called BeAdventurous.

I live in beautiful SoCal (Southern California for those of you who are unfamiliar) and enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, camping, and basically anything dealing with the outdoors. I was a Girl Scout and now I’m a Venture Scout. What can I say? I’m a sucker for fresh air in the morning.

This blog is intended to inspire others to go outside and be adventurous. Mainly I will write about living in North County San Diego, but these tips and activities can surely be applied anywhere else in the world.

And here’s me.

Me Swinging and Doing a Flip
Me Swinging and Doing a Flip

Yours in Exploring,


-Adventure is out there