Tips for rail-tripping around Europe on a budget

I thought this was interesting and would be useful in 2yrs when my friend and I plan on visiting Europe on out own. Woo

On the Luce

I’ve always loved to travel by train, and an InterRail adventure travelling from one corner or Europe to another has been on my travel wishlist for years. Unfortunately I never seemed to manage to find a couple of months to spare to actually make it happen. But rather than putting it off forever, I decided to start a bit smaller, picking a shorter route to give me a taster this summer.

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Fire! Fire! Fires?!

So as you know by now, I live in North San Diego County. And if you haven’t heard it on the news, there are 7 fires by my house.

All Fires Near Me
All Fires Near Me Photo Creds: Tenley

Here’s my fire story.

I came home during lunch yesterday because I saw smoke and my mother was worried.
There are 12 people and 1 dog staying in my house.
They include my family and the family of my mom’s friend who were evacuated from their house.
A couple don’t speak English, so here is where my Spanish skills come in to play.
I have asthma so the smoke that comes into my house is kind of choking me.
By the front door is my bug out bag.
I cant do any homework because I’m stressed and there are loud, frantic Spanish people running a muck in my house.
There is a 10yr old girl and today is her birthday and she’s worried about her house being burned to ashes.
The view outside isn’t a pretty one.

Fire View from My House
Fire View from My House


But in the throws of all this mess we are like a big family, making jokes, listening to the news, playing music, and praying for the best.

I hope everyone can stay safe and find their houses intact when they return.


Me: Guess what.

Nik (my friend): What?

Me: Guess what.

Nik: WHAT?

Me: Be Adventurous.

Nik: *facepalm* *sigh*

Hey, I’m Sabrina. I have a friend named Nik. We’re partners in adventuring and like to explore our neighborhood and world. That’s why this blog is called BeAdventurous.

I live in beautiful SoCal (Southern California for those of you who are unfamiliar) and enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, camping, and basically anything dealing with the outdoors. I was a Girl Scout and now I’m a Venture Scout. What can I say? I’m a sucker for fresh air in the morning.

This blog is intended to inspire others to go outside and be adventurous. Mainly I will write about living in North County San Diego, but these tips and activities can surely be applied anywhere else in the world.

And here’s me.

Me Swinging and Doing a Flip
Me Swinging and Doing a Flip

Yours in Exploring,


-Adventure is out there

Seek Adventure To Feel Alive

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